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Well folks…me and Pat told you how awesome this footage was at San Diego Comic Con.

This trailer is pretty much the same one we saw at Comic Con, BUT with a lot more Karen Gillan, who looks fucking GREAT as Nebula!

Karen Gillan Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy

The trailer sells the tone really well, showing us that it’s going to be epic sci-fi with James Gunn’s brand of off-beat humor (and I LOVE the Peter Serafinowicz reaction to Groot.)

Writer/director James Gunn is KILLING IT with the visuals here, and it looks like no other Marvel movie, and that’s a great thing. Much like how Joss Whedon got to prove himself with The Avengers, Gunn is ready to show off the fact that he can play with the big boys too.

Like the other movies coming out of Marvel Studios, I dig that this one is a completely different genre. This is the crazy weird, space opera movie. It’s the kind of movie that would have been made in the ’80s, but instead this one will have a much better writer, director and cast.

This film is getting to be one of my most anticipated genre films of the year. And like I said with my Comic Con write up, ANY movie trailer that uses an epic remix of Hooked on a Feeling has me sold.

It’s still very strange to me that of all the Marvel comics they decided to make into a film, THIS one (with THIS version of the team) is the one they picked. It’s surprising, and very daring. Judging how a good amount of moviegoers seems to be on board with a cast that consists of a raccoon with a gun, I think Marvel did it’s job.

Check out the line up of our cast, and look forward to a very long wait between now and the release date, which is August 1, 2014.





Star Lord

The Collector Benicio Del Toro

Guardians Line Up


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