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Saturday in Hall H is the day where you can feel all of Comic Con rumbling with anticipation. What will be announced? Who will show up? What movie/panel will surprise everyone the most? It’s all exciting stuff. By now you all probably already read the descriptions of how the footage looked on other sites,  or what was addressed in the Q and A’s so I won’t go into that. Scratch that…WE won’t go into that. As you read in my recent Comic Con post, me and Patrick braved the Hall H lines and saw EVERYTHING that day. What did we think? Get ready, because this is going to be quite a full plate….

Warner Brothers/ Legendary Pictures Panel


Director: Sergey Bodrov

What’s it about? A 18th century adventure story centered on young Thomas, who is apprenticed to the local Spook to learn to fight evil spirits. His first great challenge comes when the powerful Mother Malkin escapes her confinement while the Spook is away.


Patrick’s thoughts? Call me cynical, but this seems like nobody knows what they have on their hands.  It’s a movie about hunting monsters in the dark ages (or an equivalent in a parallel universe).  The clips looked like they took “Skyrim” and smashed it together with a “Game of Thrones” fan film.  I love Jeff Bridges, but he’s more out of place than a robot in “Lord of the Rings”.  They did genuinely try their hardest with the material and tools they were provided but you can’t build a house out of packing peanuts.  For me it’s a pass.

Justin’s thoughts? I’m kinda digging on Bridges playing Rooster Cogburn playing Gandalf, but this film screams mess to me. While fun COULD be had in this film, I’m not entirely convinced. At least Jeff Bridges seems to be having fun in this thing, and part of me thinks it’s funny to see Bridges reuinte with his Big Lebowski costar Julianne Moore in a film that is a total 180 from the Coen Brothers Cult classic, but overall…ehh.  Also, can we put a stop on movies about a secret society of hunters who’ve been protecting humanity since the dawn of blah blah blah blah blah….please?


Director: Alfonso Cuarón

What’s it about? Astronauts attempt to return to Earth after debris crashes into their space shuttle, leaving them drifting alone in orbit.

(NOT THE FOOTAGE FROM COMIC CON! But it is the newly released trailer that came out this week.)

Justin’s thoughts? It’s stunning. This film screams to be seen on the biggest screen possible, with the best 3D projection that you can find. Imagine the tension of Apollo 13, but lasting the ENTIRE FILM. What we saw was breathtaking. How many years since Cuaron’s Children of Men? Seven?! Way too long to see this master back at work. Can’t wait to see this.

Patrick’s thoughts? Oh my good gracious, this looks marvelous.  Everything is so pretty and Alfonso Cuaron’s extensive use of the wide shot makes this disaster movie (not really but it doesn’t fit in any genre) very unsettling.  I went into the panel skeptical but this thing is going to be gorgeous and I encourage anyone with eyeballs to pack that theater opening day.


Director: Noam Murro

What’s it about? The Greek general Themistocles battles an invading army of Persians under the mortal-turned-god, Xerxes.


Patrick’s thoughts?  So everyone has been getting glimpses of this for a while with the teaser already released.  From day one I thought maybe this movie was unnecessary?  Maybe this movie was nothing new, the story utilizing the same beats and plot points, the characters all the same caricatures? Maybe they wouldn’t even add any new moments of badassery?  This panel confirmed it.  Not only was the trailer punctuated by a kick every ten seconds, but it stole every other aesthetic element from the original.  I see you shaking your head.  You think that since it’s a sequel it should have the same feel.  Yes, but this movie looks like they went over to the script for “300” and changed some names before throwing it into production.  Hard pass.

Justin’s thoughts? I NEVER wanted a sequel to 300. I still love 300 for everything that it is, but another movie that screams MORE of the same? No thanks. Interestingly enough, I remember the day I saw the 300 footage at Comic Con in 2006. I remember how it blew us ALL away. It was unlike any action I’ve ever seen. It spawned imitators. It influenced a new style of action filmmaking. But this sequel? It seems as if the Con wasn’t really that excited, nor did they care.



Directors:  Phil Lord and Chris McKay

What’s it about? An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.

(NOT THE COMIC CON FO..oh you get the idea.)

Justin’s thoughts? I just love that they are going all out and committing that this is a world made of Lego. My reaction when I first saw the trailer was “Wait…is this stop motion or cgi?” What we learned from the panel is that it’s both, but the sneaky bastards are going to try their best that you will have a hard time differentiating the two. I honestly am surprised how excited I am for this flick. Phil Lord and Chris McKay’s previous films (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street) were hilarious, and everything we’ve been seeing concerning this flick shows me that the comedy streak for these two will keep going.

Patrick’s thoughts? Go see this movie.  Why are you even listening to me?  Go.  Break into Warner Brothers and steal the movie in a heist.  Whatever you have to do.  Maybe you think that this is a children’s movie, something that will not appeal to your adult palate.  You’re wrong.  This movie is made by guys who remember fondly playing with Legos themselves.  This is a movie that doesn’t just utilize Legos as a medium but uses the Lego cannon, from early 80s toys all the way to the modern franchise heavy sets.  This movie will be fantastic.


Director: Doug Liman

What’s it about? A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way.

Patrick’s thoughts?  Honestly, I wasn’t very excited for this movie.  There’s something about Tom Cruise playing another action star that doesn’t pique my interest.  However, it has some cool little bits in it.  Bill Paxton plays a drill sergeant; the suits genuinely look cool and are a great reference to “Aliens”—other than that it kind of looks bland.  It’s also hard to put Emily Blunt in another time travel movie and not get comparisons.  Why the producers handicapped themselves that way I don’t know.  Best part of the panel?  Tom Cruise really knows how to excite a room, especially with Chris Hardwick egging him on.  Probably not going to see it.

Justin’s thoughts? The original title of the film, ALL YOU NEED IS KILL was far more interesting. It’s a shame that they went and made it much more generic by the time they announced the Comic Con panel. Why would they ever change the title to…wait…Edge of Tomorrow…Tom Cruise…..


I see what you’re doing there WB. Very sneaky. Ok, all joking aside, the general “Groundhogs Day+Sci Fi Action” seems somewhat interesting. And while all the footage they showed had Tom fighting back quiet a bit, on the panel they pointed that Tom’s character starts off as a coward. As he keeps repeating this battle, he continues to find ways to learn and get better and be more confident on the battlefield. If done right, that could be a very interesting arc to see play out on the big screen. Doug Liman’s filmography is a very diverse one at that. His first film Swingers is one of my all time favorites (thought a lot of that comes from the great script from Jon Favreau), but I did really dig the first Bourne film, The Bourne Identity. He’s had his fair share of clunkers (Jumper) but I am always intrigued to see what he cooks up next. I’m mildly intrigued, but intrigued none the less.


Director: Gareth Edwards

What’s it about? A giant radioactive monster called Godzilla awakens from its slumber to wreak destruction on its creators.

Justin’s thoughts? One of the most anticipated panels for me this day…and it did not disappoint. I AM a huge fan of giant monsters, and I love that between this and Pacific Rim I’m getting two Kaiju films two years in a row. Judging from what they were selling at the panel, Godzilla will have a slightly more serious tone than Pacific Rim, and that’s fine with me. Pacific Rim gave me my FUN Kaiju film, so I’m all for a more somber one. Funny enough, people tend to forget that the first Godzilla film was dark. It was scary. It was suppose to be intense. The fun goofy Godzilla was just the evolution of years of making more of those movies. If you haven’t seen Gareth Edwards first film, Monsters, go check it out ASAP, and you will get a good idea of how his Godzilla film might turn out. The footage they showed looked great, very well shot. I love the cast (Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Johnson and Bryan “HEISENBERG” Cranston). It seems they are truly doing their best not to repeat past American filmmakers’ mistakes, and so far they are really impressing me.

Patrick’s thoughts?  This was another surprise.  I don’t tend to think much about giant monsters; my wife had to drag me to “Pacific Rim”, but this is exciting.  The cities have a level of devastation that looks appropriate given that a giant monster gave the city a big ole middle finger—No, that’s not right.  The destruction looks more like the monster didn’t care.  He wasn’t actively destroying the city; it was just in his way.  That’s an interesting place to start off the characters.  They all have to contend with the fact that they are insignificant insects, merely an annoyance.  Also?  The frames look gorgeous.  I’ll probably see this one.


First up, they showed a small teaser that I assume is a test reel for their new in development movie based on World of Warcraft…



DirectorDuncan Jones

What’s it about? An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series.

Justin’s thoughts? I’m not a gamer, so I have no attachment to this franchise. I know a TON of people who love the game, and I wish I saw this trailer with one of them to see their reaction to the promo teaser they made. The teaser looked cool, and had some great visuals. Right now, my only real interest in this is that the director is Duncan Jones. I really like his films Moon and Source Code, and if he can deliver a great epic fantasy film that tells both a great story AND pleases the fans of the game, then you might have the first really great Video Game movie adaptation.

Patrick’s thoughts? I will never be excited for anything Warcraft, they hurt me too much. It doesn’t matter that they put the most talented director on the movie or that the test footage looked gorgeous. To me, when I watch that teaser trailer, all I can hear is Admiral Ackbar. So all I have to say is this: enjoy at your own peril.



Director: Zack Snyder

What’s it about? No real official synopsis yet but here’s a piece of what the press release wrote…

“On the heels of the worldwide success of “Man of Steel,” director Zack Snyder is bringing together the two greatest Super Heroes of all time—Batman and Superman—for the first time on the big screen. The announcement was made today by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures. The current hit, “Man of Steel,” has taken in more than $630 million at the worldwide box office to date, and climbing. Along with its star, Henry Cavill, the upcoming film brings back Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. The new Batman has yet to be cast. Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015.”

Patrick’s thoughts? Didn’t see much, but it’s an interesting idea.  Now they don’t have to reintroduce Batman in his own movie, he can piggy back off of Superman’s fame.  Wait and see.

Justin’s thoughts? I think we don’t make it hidden how I feel about Man of Steel (have you heard our podcast about it yet?) It’s way too early to tell, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t care for the work of Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer on Superman anymore. If you do, then be happy. Me, I’ll be very cautious right now, because truth be told, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to do this right away. I feel for the next Superman film, it should focus on Superman and his life in Metropolis with it’s citizens, but now they have to cram more time with Batman, and RE-explain the Dark Knight. Is there room for that? Shouldn’t Clark get to know his supporting cast? Shouldn’t Clark learn to be a hero instead of fighting Batman?  BUT, I’m judging too early, so I’ll be the optimistic and hope for the best. Like Patrick said, wait and see.



Director: Stuart Beattie

What’s it about? Frankenstein’s creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.  

Justin’s thoughts? Nothing is more awkward then sitting in a Hall H panel, seeing footage to a new movie and then…..nothing. No REAL excitement for the thing. Sure, we all clap and applaud…but one one’s REALLY interested in this. It looks tired and hackneyed. It looks like a ton of other films you’ve already seen. And it looks like a waste of Aaron Eckhart’s talents.

Patrick’s thoughts?  Really?  Really?  This had “Straight to DVD” written all over it.  From the looks of things, the producers of “Underworld” took all the movies from the series and digitally replaced the vampires with gargoyles, the werewolves with demons, and Michael Corvin with Adam Frankenstein.  It’s the kind of movie you make when you want the most money for the least effort.  I will not see this movie; even trailers might drive me crazy. CATCHING-FIRE_KATNISS-CLIFF-POSTER

Director: Francis Lawrence

What’s it about? Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem.


Patrick’s thoughts? Admittedly I neither read the first book nor saw the first movie.  Not that it was bad, clearly because of the box office it made.  It just never appealed to me.  The footage looked very cool and I’m sure fans will be pleased.  Me?  It’s just not my thing.

Justin’s thoughts? I actually have read the first two books and seen the first movie. Thought I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan of the series, I do think the books are really well written and are fun reads. The character of Katniss is fantastic, and I think Jennifer Lawrence is great in the role. I did truly enjoy the first film quite a bit (read here to look at my old review on it from my personal blog) and I actually really liked the second book, maybe even more then the first one. I’m a bit sad the first film’s Gary Ross left, but I think Francis Lawrence (no relation to Jennifer) will make a very pretty looking movie. But, will he deliver on the drama that Ross did so well? I don’t know, but his filmography is spotty at best. But, there’s a ton to like in this trailer.

20th Century Fox



Director:  Matt Reeves

What’s it about? A group of scientists in San Francisco struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of a plague that is wiping out humanity, while Caesar tries to maintain dominance over his community of intelligent apes.

Justin’s thoughts? I love me some Planet of the Apes. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was that surprise flick that worked better than it should have. I kinda love that we’re getting a series of films that seem to want to take it’s time to being the world of Planet of the Apes that we all know it for. I really am looking forward to seeing how the Apes have evolved since we last saw them. Too early to judge the humans right now, but Jason Clarke was great in Zero Dark Thirty so at least they got a strong lead this time (replacing sleepy face James Franco; an upgrade if there ever was one.) I liked the footage that we saw, and I’m digging the post apocalyptic setting we’re getting. Also, Matt Reeves is a solid studio director whose previous films I’ve enjoyed. So, basically, I’m in.

Patrick’s thoughts?  Always excited to see Andy Serkis. However, I never got a chance to see the first movie.  This one really didn’t entice me to join the series.  Sure the apes are interesting but the humans look bland and unlikable.  Maybe I’m wrong but as it stands, I’m not interested.


The Wolverine

DirectorJames Mangold

What’s it about? Summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, Wolverine becomes embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons.

Patrick’s thoughts?  I hate this movie.  H-A-T-E.  It’s come to represent all of the failings of comic book adaptations.  To me, Wolverine is an overused franchise that is only marketed for his violence.  The trailer echoed that, every shot of him was angrier and bloodier than the last.  His character development in these movies is always contrived and boring.  Also?  You’ll notice that they went out of their way not to mention anything from “Wolverine: Origins”?  The only way I would have been interested in anything Wolverine is if they had stepped out onto the stage and publicly acknowledged that they messed up and that they tried to learn from their mistakes.  No, this looks like the same batch of awful.

Justin’s thoughts? Huh, funny enough, this is the ONLY film that is coming out this week, making this almost seem like a regular edition of Looking Ahead (and click here to read Nates thoughts on this film as he takes over that column again this week.). I honestly think they have to literally TRY to be worse then the last solo Wolverine film. The Japan story is one of my favorites, and while I’m still bummed that Darren Aronofsky decide to not direct it, it seems like  director James Mangold is giving it his all to try to make this work. He’s really made it a true passion project right now. Reviews have been solid so far, not mind blowingly amazing, but solid. That’s fine, right now I could go for a solid Wolverine movie. That would be nice.


Director: Bryan Singer

What’s it about? The X-Men send Wolverine to the past to change a major historical event that could globally impact man and mutant kind.

Justin’s thoughts?  When they announced that the title for the next X-Men film would be Days of Future Past, they really threw down the gauntlet. It isn’t just one of the best X-Men stories of all time; for many it’s THE X-Men story. But what does that mean for the cinematic version of the film? For starters, I’m a bit disappointed that Wolverine (once again) is made the focus, and the big change from the comic is that Logan, not Kitty Pryde, will be the one who get’s sent back in time.  BUT, be that as it may, there is plenty of epic potential in this film. While the footage we saw didn’t showcase EPIC, it did showcase tone, and it does send me chills to see the two X-Men timelines share the screen. Seeing Patrick Stewart’s Xaiver juxtaposed against James McAvoy’s Xaiver is pretty awesome, and I’m surprised that they’re choosing to tell us the story of young Xaiver being convinced to become the leader that he was born to be.  Also, lets take in the sight that is seeing this gigantic cast together on stage.

I’m also very happy to see Bryan Singer return to this franchise, and it seems like he’s have a ball playing in the X-Men Sandbox again.

Patrick’s thoughts? Holy monkey balls, this is what I have been waiting for in an X-Men movie.  I want to point out that “X-Men: First Class” wasn’t bad.  It brought some levity and some freshness to a stagnant series.  But now I get to see all my favorite things from the comic series and the movie series.  The story looks solid, the cast is amazing, and when that first whole Sentinel shows up I am going to piss my pants.  You can’t stop me from seeing this.


Well Marvel, how are you going to top what Fox just did? Fox brought down a whole legacy cast of X-Men actors. What do you got? First off…I’m assuming you all heard about this yes?

Well, my oh my, that is quiet a way to start this panel, and that definitely set off the best (IMO) panel for the whole day.



Director: Alan Taylor

What’s it about? When Jane Foster is targeted by the denizens of the dark world of Svartalfheim, Thor sets out on a quest to protect her at all costs.


Patrick’s thoughts?  I’m just gonna say, this movie?  Not a tough sell for me.  The first was so outstanding and set up the universe so spectacularly that I welcomed more.  I feel like this second one will deliver.  The clip that they showed was packed full of action, had great back and forth between characters, and had a special gift for readers of the original comic book.  This movie is going to be a thoroughly enjoyable affair.

Justin’s thoughts? While I liked the first trailer (the one I posted above), it was the footage at we saw at the panel that convinced me that I really wanted to see this. The film feels bigger than the last film, sure, but the character interaction seems even better this time. I love Jane Foster’s reaction to Loki when she first sees him. There’s some HOLY CRAP ARE THEY REALLY DOING THAT? moments in the reel that we saw. I went from “Yeah, I’ll watch it” to “Man, I can’t wait to see this!”



Directors: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

What’s it about? Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C.

Justin’s thoughts? As much as I loved The Avengers film, I do sometimes think that the first Captain America movie might still be my personal favorite Marvel Studio film. I recently rewatched it again and I decided that The Avengers is PURE HAPPINESS in a bottle, but Cap is a stronger, better thought out FILM. So how was the footage? Looking good so far, as the Russo brothers display a strong knack for big budget action. I hope the film doesn’t get too bogged down trying to balance Cap, Widow AND the introduction of Sam Wilson AKA Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie who seemed to be happy as a pig in shit being in Hall H this day.) I also kinda laughed how they address the question “Are they giving The Winter Solider a domino mask or not?” It works, might I add. I can’t wait see how they use Robert Redford in this film, and I hope they don’t forget to use Alan Silvestri again to score the film as his Cap score is the best of all the Marvel Studio films. While I’ll miss the pure fun of Cap leading soldiers in WWII, I look forward to seeing Cap back in action next year, especially doing a story based on that great Ed Brubaker run.

Patrick’s thoughts? Did you know that Cap could beat up a dozen guys like he was fighting a room full of cardboard cutouts?  Well these guys sure did.  The clip in the elevator proved once again that out of all the Avengers, Cap is by far the most competent.  However, they showed the Helicarrier crashing again.  Yeah, it’s true to comics that the Helicarrier crashes all the time but I was hoping to step away from that cliché.  Still, everyone looks like they do an amazing job and I am excited to see The Winter Soldier in action.



Director: James Gunn

What’s it about? No official synopsis yet, but here is the press release for the flick…

“Guardians of the Galaxy,” the next epic adventure from Marvel Studios has started shooting at the UK’s Shepperton Studios. Directed by James Gunn (“Slither,”“Super”) from his screenplay, with a story by Nicole Perlman and Gunn, the film will introduce audiences to a whole new side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The all-star cast includes Chris Pratt (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “Moneyball”) as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana (“Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Avatar”) as Gamora, Dave Bautista (“Riddick”) as Drax the Destroyer, Lee Pace (“The Hobbit,” “Lincoln”) as Ronan the Accuser, Michael Rooker (AMC’s “The Walking Dead”) as Yondu, Karen Gillan (BBC TV’s “Doctor Who”) as Nebula, two-time Academy Award® nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Amistad”, “Gladiator”) as Korath, with Academy Award® winner Benicio del Toro (“Traffic”) as The Collector, Academy Award® nominee John C. Reilly (“Chicago”) as Rhomann Dey, and six-time Academy Award® nominee Glenn Close (“Albert Nobbs,” “Fatal Attraction”) as Nova Prime. Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is slated for an August 1, 2014 release in the U.S.”

Patrick’s thoughts? Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I am more excited for this movie than anything else Marvel brought to the panel.  It’s funny, action packed, and the characters are spot on superb.  I wish I had recorded  the footage they played so I could sit in my room and play it in a constant loop because it was more entertaining than the whole of some movies they tried to sell in Hall H.  If you see one over hyped  big picture, flashy blockbuster from this entire group you see this one or I will break your legs and leave you in the desert.

Justin’s thoughts? If you were to tell me that the footage that everyone would be talking about the most, would be the GUARDIANS footage, I would have laughed and thought you were nuts. The only laughing I’m doing now is remember how damn funny the footage was. What I love most about the footage we saw is that it’s classic James Gunn. I’ve been following James Gunn’s work for years, being a fan of Slither, Super, and his crazy online experiments such as PG Porn.  The cast is pretty damn great, and Chris Pratt looks like he’s going to KILL in this film, as they rework Star Lord to be more of the Space jerk a la Tony Stark. I don’t know how some fans will feel about that, but I loved what Pratt was doing in the footage so I’m down. Also, the footage of CGI Groot and Rocket Raccoon was very cool, and I love the way Groot lowers his head into frame to say hi. This film reminds me of the big sci-fi fantasy movies from the ’80s, except this time done with a better writer/ director. I can’t wait to see how much crazier this film gets, and I think that if this works, Warner Brothers/DC are going to look real stupid for messing up Green Lantern (a concept that is a far easier sell). I mean, holy crap, a Guardians of the Galaxy movie? And it looks like a crap load of fun? Who’d da guess. Also, you gotta love anyone crazy enough to cut a giant big budgeted sci-fi comic movie trailer to the tune of Hooked on a Feeling.


Director: Joss Whedon

What’s it about? Um….the Avengers are fighting Ultron I’m assuming….

Justin’s thoughts? All this time we were looking for hints and clues to Thanos being the next bad guy and then Whedon and Marvel pulled this card on us and surprised us all. First off, I’m really glad that the next villain isn’t going to be a galactic threat again. Personally, I think of Ultron as one of THE Avengers bad guys and I’m really excited that we get to see him next on the big screen. Man oh man, way to get a room all energized with just a title and a logo guys. This changes so much of what we think of in terms of Marvel Studios plans, but I’ve got to hand it to them. They are very good at surprising us.

Patrick’s thoughts? Age of Ultron isn’t in and of itself a huge announcement, but what does it imply? What does this mean for Hank Pym in Ant Man? Where does this leave the galactic menace Thanos? Does this mean we can expect Vision? Though we didn’t get any information, it definitely left me very excited.

WHEW! I’m quite tired. So much to process, so much to look forward to. What about you guys? Which panel got you really pumped to see the movie when comes out next year or the year after? What got you more excited? Superman/Batman or the Avengers Age of Ultron?


  1. I loved The Wolverine, although i consider myself a fan in the sense of only ever knowing wolverine on screen in terms of cartoon incarnations. I gotta be honest, I’ve never read a wolverine comic or cared much for him in the comic book universe unless Deadpool was involved. I’m pleased and confident now that they will handle the x-men more carefully after seeing The Wolverine and having enjoyed First Class soooo much. But I am likely bias as my inner child often supersedes any sense of good film making when it comes to x-men (I still didn’t like X-men 1-2 and origins.. Honestly I just re-play the first half of origins just to see Wade Wilson.) I only ever played the RTS of Warcraft 1-3. Never the MMO. But unless they quality of the film is as good as what we see in cinematic AND if the the Pandaren race is in it. I won’t take much note or care to see it, I have too many conditions to want to see WC.. I probably won’t see it.. lol.

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