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EDIT: With all this Michael Bay talk, even I forgot that this film is actually directed by Jonathan Liebesman, the man who brought us Battle Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans.  I know, I suck at inspiring confidence.

You know, honestly, I could have been fine with never seeing another TMNT movie. After all, the first live action film was pretty much the definitive TMNT film as far as I’m concerned.  But, in this age of rehashes, reboots, remakes, redos, re-everythings, it was just bound to happen that we’d get another money-grubbing attempt.  I’m fine with money grubbing filmmaking attempts… as long as the film is good, of course.

Well, here it is, the first trailer for the Michael Bay TMNT film:


What do I think? Well, as always with me and Michael Bay films, there’s an internal struggle going on between my base desires and my rational mind.  My base desires, we’ll call him Id, are like, “F**K YES, NINJA TURTLES! OMG LEO LOOKS SO BADASS ACTUALLY! FIGHTING AND STUFF!!”

Hehe…he kinda does look badass.

My rational mind, however, let’s call him Superego, is like, “Hmm. Ok. Crashing building… don’t know why that’s there. That already indicates that this film is bigger than it should be. Why he blue hell are they fighting in the snow? Is Schraeder (I’m going to call him this from now on.) implying that he purposely created the turtles? Well the trailer is implying it.  I have a bad feeling racist jokes are going to happen. I think I’m just scarred from Revenge of the Fallen.”

Yeah, there’s that dialogue going on.  In the end, will I watch it? Shit, I’m scared I might.  The one thing the next trailer needs to show is how they’re handling the fight scenes.  And if it’s all shaky cam and editing for the fights, count me out.

Also, Megan Fox is in this somewhere.


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