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Star Wars Celebration is still happening a mere 23 miles from where I’m typing this post. While I only got to bask in the Force-y goodness on Thursday, it was definitely enough to appease my inner geek-cravings.

And of all the wondrous things I saw that day, the Episode 7 costume and prop exhibit has to take the cake.  Sure yes, we got to snuggle up close to some of the badass new Stormtrooper costumes, updated X-wing models, and cute as a button BB8. The real gold, however, was found in the accompanying info plaques next to each exhibit piece. Much like this one:


First Order? What’s that? Specialized Stormtroopers. Hmm.

Looking at other plaques, we see mentions of character names like Rey, everyone’s soon to be padawan (maybe?) crush, and Finn, helmetless Stormtrooper from the first teaser. We also see, next to the updated X-Wing, mentions of The Resistance and their fight against the First Order.

Ooh, look at them new half-moon engine intakes.


Many online have been quick to equate The Resistance and the First Order to The Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, respectively. I don’t think they’re wrong at all.  There of course, has to be more to the story.

It’s conjecture time! 

“First Order” as term has semi-religious overtones to me. What if – In a bid to acquire power from the dregs of the Empire, a new Sith Lord appears (perhaps Kylo Ren’s master), and repaints Palpatine into a martyr-figure, assassinated by the Rebellion. He/she outs the “dead” Emperor as a force user, reintroducing the Sith into the public consciousness, selling them as an alternative to the Jedi murderer, Luke Skywalker.

They sell the idea of the old Sith race from Korriban, calling them the true first force users. The First Order of force adepts, if you will. What remains of the Empire’s citizens eats this up, probably due to mass Force-induced will domination, and a new religion is born.

Much like the Rebellion of old, the Resistance is a rag-tag group of scrappy fighters that remember the truth about Palpatine and the Empire. They band together, leaderless, Luke on the run from the new Sith Lord and his apprentice Kylo Ren.

Haha I dunno. Some of that doesn’t quite make sense, yet. I’m just spitballing here.

Anyway, what say you about the possibilities of The Force Awakens? Whatever questions you may have will definitely be answered come Christmastime.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be hitting our eyeholes December 18th, 2015!!

Now, more pictures.

sw-tfa-kyloren sw-tfa-millenium-falcon sw-tfa-flametrooper sw-tfa-knightsaber sw-tfa-knightsaber-side sw-tfa-knightsaber-back sw-tfa-finn sw-tfa-rey sw-tfa-bb8 sw-tfa-rey-upclose


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