UNvincible-All-New Wolverine #2

November 25, 2015 0

All-New Wolverine #2 Published 11/25/2015 Written by: Tom Taylor Art by: David Lopez, David Navarrot, and Nathan Fairbairn             My one tenant for dramatically improving…


UNvincible — All-New X-Men #40

April 22, 2015 0

All-New X-Men #40 Published 4/22/2015 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Mahmud A. Asrar, Rain Beredo I have had an excruciating relationship with “All-New X-Men”. …


Boy Crazy Comics: Angel

August 16, 2014 0

Pretty boys come in all shapes and forms but Warren Worthington III is especially magical; with his Zack Morris blonde hair, boy band blue eyes,…


Assemble An Ensemble

January 17, 2014 0

SPOILERS - OKAY SPOILERS ALL UP IN YOUR FACE - SPOILERS As I write this, I should admit ahead of time that I am an…


UNvincible-All-New X-Men #21

January 15, 2014 0

          Really Bendis?  Really?  I don’t want to keep talking about you.  Honestly, I thought the matter would be settled and I…

Doctor Who

TV For Me

October 3, 2013 0

Its been a long time coming, but I actually want to watch TV again. Where have I been?  On Netflix. On the internet. On my…


Redeeming Quality

September 5, 2013 0

There are a select few writers that can hack it in the Whedonverse (wow, I really am still calling it that, aren't I?).  Joss Whedon…


Next Season in Comicdom

August 29, 2013 0

Perhaps some of you have noticed a large influx of comic books based on cancelled television properties.  Once upon a time, this would be akin…