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Yes, I’m a week behind on my Flash reviews. As one of these kids with their newfangled contraptions, I don’t actually get cable, so I don’t watch Flash on Tuesdays when it airs and instead just see it whenever Hulu decides to put it up (usually a day or so later.)

So, did you catch Out of Time last week? What’s that, you’re not caught up on that one yet? That’s okay, I’ll wait, you should go watch it right now.

(spoilers ahead!)

Okay, are we good? Let’s talk.

Holy shitsnacks was this episode crazy or what?! I dig this show more every week, and this week the entire pot of spaghetti was thrown at the wall and we’re going to see what sticks.

First, let’s talk about Iris. Iris Iris Iris. She’s been sabotaging Barry’s relationships with other women all season. We have known that she still likes Barry, I don’t think this is news to anyone except Iris. What sucks is that Barry’s such a good guy that he has taken so long to actually see this and keeps trusting her when she says she isn’t trying to do anything like that. Unfortunately it looks like her crush/sabotage-ary is also taking a toll on her relationship with Eddie. Maybe she and Barry end up together after all? I’m not really sure what will happen next after the events at the end of this episode. I’m pretty sure that Iris is NOT going to ultimately find out that Barry is the Flash. I have kind of mixed feelings about that- I almost want her to know so that she’ll have more respect for Barry, you know?

Secondly, CISCOOOOOOOOO NOOOOooooooo! Cisco is…honestly, probably one of my favorite characters on the show (let’s face it, he has the best lines) so the fact that he died totally sucks! Except for the fact that he might not die since Barry went back in time. Who knows? I kind of hope this gets retconned (I think the other Agents of GUARD tend to agree.) But how interesting was it that Dr. Wells actually killed him?! We know that Wells isn’t exactly the nice guy that he pretends to be, but to actually murder a guy who has become like a son to him is not exactly something I would say that I saw coming. Moreover, we had a suspicion that he was the one who killed Nora, but to think that he was actually there to kill Barry!?

Run away Cisco! Wait…I’m not sure you can run fast enough. Shit!

This is where my lack of knowledge about the DC universe puts me at a disadvantage, I suppose. Wells states in his confession that he’s actually Eobard Thawne, who is the New Earth “Reverse Flash”, who is the Flash’s main nemesis (we’d mostly pieced this together earlier this season, but I hadn’t thought to actually research Eobard Thawne, since there are several Reverse Flashes and I just wasn’t sure how his identity would play into the series.) I looked him up and was shocked at what a huge role he plays in the Flash universe.

This guy is seriously scary!

Usually I can skim a few wiki articles and get an idea of who these guys are in the comics, but the plot summaries about this guy are pages and pages long. He interacts with both Wally West and Barry Allen in the comics, coming from a time far in the future. He’s a genius who seems to be driven to madness with his obsession of the Flash, wanting to become friends with Barry Allen, but does so many twisted things on the way back to the past that he gains supervillain status as Professor Zoom and ultimately is out to get Barry. His special powers do not actually pertain to speed, but to manipulation of time, which makes a lot of sense based on what we’d seen. I wasn’t able to read all of the information available about him, so it’s hard to say exactly what they’re going to do with him in the show, but one thing is clear: this guy is seriously twisted and can be a dangerous threat to Barry and all of our good guys on the show, despite what he shows on the outside. Hopefully we can explore his identity a little more in coming reviews as we continue to find out more about him.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about poor Joe and the Weather Man. Honestly, that whole plot was just kind of white noise to me because there was so much other stuff going on. Who is the Weather Man again? Do I care? Am I the only one who feels this way? It’s okay though, because there was lots of other interesting stuff going on.

I dunno, some stuff happened at the precinct or something.


I’m really excited to see what next week’s tonight’s episode brings!!!

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