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June 14th, 2015

So, here’s how the countdown stands as of today!

Earl’s Con Season List 2015

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 1 day
Anime Expo (AX) in 18 days
San Diego Comic Con in 23 days
and, if miracles happen:
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime in 74 days


E3 is happening tomorrow. I feel so unready. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch the stream of the press events tomorrow. I have two auditions in the morning, right when they’re happening. Woe is me. I do plan to be there at least Tuesday and Wednesday, though. So, if you happen to be in the area of the LA Convention Center, hit me up!

I do plan on continuing my usual convention practice of living off of a combination of nuts and dried fruits and meats during the days of convention. I usually end the day with a meal in a restaurant or food truck close by, or I go to whichever afterparty is serving food. So, in preparation, I hit up the 99-cent store. There were also a couple packages of honey-roasted peanuts that didn’t survive long enough to get into this picture:

Con Vittles

Again, I’m uber-excited to be on the exhibition floor again. Also, you may or may not hear my voice during one of the press-conference game announcements. Maybe.  Also, again, Distant Worlds, the Final Fantasy concert, is happening Wednesday. I’m going to attempt to refrain from squealing with excitement the entire show. There will be much Final Fantasy being played in the car over the next couple of days.

I’m deciding whether or not I want to record random b-roll type stuff during E3 and throwing it all into my favorite NLE and seeing what video comes out, much like last year:

Ah yeah, why not?

Good news, I did manage to semi-update my website, so it’s semi-updated: www.earlbaylon.com

Haven’t had a chance to work on recording new stuff for my demo. I may have to go with what I have already. Bleh.

Finding a place for Comic-Con has is a big, nasty, venomous thorn in my side. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself falling short yet again this week. I haven’t even been able to look for a place, as the need to take care of real life stuff took over. This week, E3 is taking over. Egads. I’m hitting gonna hit up the crew today to see if anyone can take over the search. It must be done.

I’ll probably start taking a good look at what I want to do at SDCC, programming-wise, after E3 wraps.  I know Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars will be in Hall H… and that’s pretty much all I know, haha.

AnimeExpo has not approved or denied my Industry Pass yet. Tomorrow, I’ll apply for press. If that doesn’t happen, there’ll be next year.

PAX Prime is still a pipe dream at this point. Between taking care of life and other cons, I have little time or energy to devote to finding a way to Seattle. Hmm. At this point, it’s become a “if it happens, then it happens” sorta thing.

To Do List
Follow up on AX industry pass Try for AX press pass
Start redoing/polishing video game voice demo
Spiffy up website at earlbaylon.com
Find a place to stay for SDCC
Eat less/Walk more
Cosplay? Unfortunately, this will have to go on the back burner until I can iron out the other details





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