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I don’t always write specific post on every new trailer that comes out. Since I write LOOKING AHEAD, I fear that I will repeat myself if I have the same feeling to a trailer that I already saw before.

That being said, sometimes certain trailers need an extra bit of attention, or some trailers I feel are just that interesting that I really want to talk about it.

This teaser appeared this weekend as it screened before The Wolverine. As the headline says…it grabbed my attention.

I love trailers like this. It doesn’t try to lay the whole story out on a platter, but through the visuals you can put the pieces together on what the film will be about.

And what visuals they are. There are some beautiful sequences  and shots here.

Mitty Still Sean Pean

Mitty Falling 2

Mitty Falling

Mitty skatboarding

An adaptation of the famous short story by James Thurber (and was already adapted before in in the ’40s) Ben Stiller also directed this one and it seems like he really out did himself here. Ben was always a solid director(Reality Bites being a personal favorite), and I saw him pushing his visual style in Tropic Thunder ( Man I also do love me some Tropic Thunder.) but I never seen him push his visuals like this before.

I really love the potential of this one.  I know for a while he was trying to get Zoolander 2 made, and that fell through. Judging from this trailer, I can honestly say I am MORE then fine that happened. Actually, I’m really glad that happened. Instead of another unneeded sequel, we could be getting a really special and gorgeous looking movie. That, my friends, is what we call an upgrade. Wow, I’m actually getting excited for a Ben Stiller movie. Never thought that would happen again.

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will be coming out December 25, 2013.


  1. I’ve been watching this trailer all week. The film seems very intimate about needing to escape the mundane. But I’ve never read the short story, only know there was a Danny Kane movie about it. It kind of hits home for me, I know the suffocation of a cubical all too well and it’s these mental escapes that keep us from flinging ourselves out of the second story window. Sure it might not kill you but just knowing it could is enticing enough. The ins and out of a 9-5 and a vibrant dream you once had seemingly squandered away as you sit at your desk for another mundane day. To just feel like your just like the others, that you’ve lost the battle of whom you swore you’d never be.. You sit there stuck in your head.. Tick tock, tick tock, The world goes on around you, adventures calling to you from the whispers of the tree’s that taunt you as you sit and eat your normal food on a normal day.. coming home mentally exhausted knowing there is no real escape as you have to start the day all over again, 9-5, 9-5, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. The thought that of a full week about 70% of it is at work, living for the weekend that you spend recuperating and just as the flame of youth begins to show itself and your eyes breathe life once again it’s Sunday night and time for bed because tomorrow is Monday and back to the grind. Then you look to that sweet escape of the second story window but get lost in imagination, the would have could have should haves.. The stream of dreams and subconscious that make the time go by. TL;DR: Cubical suuuuuuuuuucks

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