UNvincible — Avengers #29

May 14, 2014 0

Avengers #295/13/2014Written By: Jonathan HickmanArt By: Leinil YuOkay Marvel, I get it.  Captain America and Iron Man are polar opposites and they can’t go three…


More Thor!

November 11, 2013 0

*****HEAD'S UP, SPOILER ALERT FOR PRETTY MUCH ALL MARVEL MOVIES***** As far as movie reviews go, I have to admit that I'm more than a…


Weeksauce: Geek News

October 4, 2013 0

September 26th through Friday October 4th, 2013 Weeksauce brings you all the news in geekery, genre fiction, and nerdy celebrities you may have missed this week…


UNvincible — Infinity #1

August 14, 2013 0

Hark!  Beware Marvel fan for something comes out of space again to attack the planet in an enormous, bloated cross-over event.  Yeah, I know Phoenix…

Uncanny Reading

June 20, 2013 3

I have yet to really throw my hat into the ring for comics you should be reading.  But this is not fair, because you should…